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Indonesia to Export more Spices to the World

Indonesia is eyeing to ramp up their spice exports —particularly to the European Union, or EU— with a new multi-stakeholder platform dedicated to helping farmers export high-quality and sustainable spices.

According to the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, the global demand for spices is rising amid the Covid-19 pandemic as the world is becoming more aware of its healing properties.

The ministry's food and agribusiness noted Indonesia recorded $218 million for spice export in January-April 2020, a 19.28 percent rise from the same period in 2019. The EU holds the largest share, or 34 percent, in the global spice imports, mainly from China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil. The EU is also predicted to have a fivefold increase in spice imports in 2050.

Unfortunately, Indonesian nutmegs experience difficulties entering the EU, as the spice exceeds the EU's safety limits for aflatoxin — a fungal toxin that contaminates crops. The social impact group focuses on achieving a 10 percent increase in farmers' income.

The sustainable agriculture group would discuss challenges faced by farmers and processors for better and sustainable spice exports. This includes equipping local farmers with good agricultural practices and improving local laboratory capabilities.


(Source: Jakarta Globe)

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