Permit & License Consultancy Services

Company Incorporation

As one of the top overseas business investment destinations in the world, many overseas companies are looking to expand their activities to Indonesia’s markets.  

JAC Consulting has provided expert assistance in the establishment of business entities in Indonesia for many multinational companies operating within various industries.

Many who are new to this process may feel overwhelmed by local language barriers and the complex bureaucratic steps involved.

JAC provides comprehensive consultation from the beginning,  starting with research on business feasibility and prioritization of the compliance to government regulations. We ensure that the application process of establishment is as smooth and efficient as possible.

As an initial reference, there are several types of common business entities to facilitate your business purposes in Indonesia:

1.Limited Liability Company (Perseroan Terbatas/PT)
2.Kantor Perwakilan Perusahaan Asing/KPPA (Foreign Representative Office)
3.Kantor Perwakilan Perusahaan Perdagangan Asing/KP3A (Foreign Trading Representative Office)
4.Badan Usaha Jasa Konstruksi Asing/BUJKA (Foreign Construction Service Business Entity)

Expatriate Work & Stay Permit

As the number of international workers in Indonesia increases annually, as does the requirement for assistance in complying with work-visa related processes. Indonesia offers various types of working visa which depend on the nature of your stay in the country. We can carefully guide you through the process of applying for the correct visa type for your unique circumstances, ensuring total peace of mind for you and your staff. 

JAC Consulting offers the following work & stay permit application options:  

  • New/Renewal Work & Stay Permits

  • Status/Information change on Work & Stay Permits

  • Working Location Addition

  • Revocation of Work & Stay Permits

  • Business Visa

  • Retirement Visa



  • Annual consultancy service (Consultation on various kinds of permits & licenses);

  • Company Establishments (Articles of Association, Letter of Approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Certificate of Domicile, Corporate Tax Identification Number, VAT Registration, Business Registration Number, Business License and etc)

  • Representative Office establishment (KPPA, KP3A, BUJKA)

  • Business Expansion, Office Relocation, Corporate Dissolution, Corporate Acquisition, Capital Increment Procedure, Branch Opening Registration, etc

  • Permits relating to environmental impact (UKL – UPL, Izin Lingkungan, AMDAL)

  • Licenses relating to export/ import (Specific Import License (IT/IP), Masterlist, permits relating to import restrictions)

  • Permits relating to construction business (Construction Business License / IUJK, Foreign Construction Service Representative Office License / BUJKA, Corporate Certificate/ SBU, registration of membership in an Indonesian Construction Association authorized by the National Construction Services Development Board / LPJK)

  • Registration/acquisition of Certificate of Expertise / SKA for the assignment of Technical Supervisor / PJT and Classification Supervisor / PJK


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