HR Consultancy Services

We offer comprehensive consultancy services to assure the total compliance of your company's operation to Indonesia’s labor laws.

HR consultation services may be given hourly, monthly or on an annual basis depending on company necessity.

Our services also include support for business seeking assistance with documentation for a wide variety of other HR-related purposes as follows:

Company Regulation

According to the Law of Manpower No. 13/2003, every company operating in Indonesia must produce and adhere to an official set of company regulations. 

JAC provides comprehensive consultation and technical services to facilitate and assure the fulfillment of your company’s regulations in accordance with Indonesia’s labor laws. 

​Our services include the process of drafting, review, registration, and submission of regulations to the Ministry of Manpower.

Employment Agreement

JAC Consulting can assist in drafting and submitting tailor-made, employment agreement documents for local staff or locally-employed expatriates in a broad variety of business sectors;

Documents can be drafted for both temporary and permanent staff in full adherence to Indonesian labor law, establishing the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employee.

Employment agreements typically include the following details:

Job information



Information regarding time off, sick days and vacation policy

Employee classification (contract or permanent staff)

Schedule and employment period

Confidentiality agreement

Technology privacy policy

Termination terms & conditions

Requirements following termination​

To verify the company policy, a questionnaire concerning the points outlined below will be sent to clients prior to the drafting of Company Regulations or Employment Agreement:

  • Recruitment Conditions 

  • Working Hours

  • Overtime & Pay Calculation

  • Welfare/Health Benefit/Social Security

  • Salary Adjustment & Pay Day

  • Annual Leave

  • Policies/Sanctions

  • Severance Pay

  • Income Tax

  • Religious Holiday Allowance

  • Personnel Evaluation

Other HR Document Support​​

Our services include support for businesses seeking assistance with documentation for a wide variety of other HR-related purposes. These include the following: 

- Collective Labor Agreement;

- Response to various kind of labor disputes (resignation, disciplinary action, layoffs, severance payment issues and etc);

- Labor Due Diligence and Post Merger Integration.


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