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On Tuesday, August 25th, 2020, The Director-General of Immigration has updated the information and policy concerning visa and stay permit applications as follows:  

1. Permanent Stay Permit (ITAP) and Temporary Stay Permit (ITAS) holder status:  

  • Foreign holders of ITAP and ITAS, which is still valid, renewable and currently in Indonesia can extend the permit at the Local Immigration Office normally; 

  • Foreigner holders of expired ITAP and ITAS, currently in Indonesia, cannot extend and must leave Indonesia by September 20th 2020 or apply for a new Visit Visa or Temporary Stay Visa according to the official requirements via htpps:// without leaving Indonesia;  

  • Foreign holders of expired ITAP and ITAS who are still abroad may enter Indonesia to proceed ITAS renewal at Local Immigration Office after obtaining a required technical letter of approval from certain ministry/institution not later than December 31st 2020;  

  • Foreigner holders of ITAS Family Union may directly enter Indonesia. 

2. Foreigner holders of Visit Visa (B211A, B211B, B211C, D212), Visa on Arrival, and Visa Exemption:  

  • If the validity period (B211A, B211B, B211C) is still valid and renewable, extension application of these permits may be applied to the Local Immigration Office; 

  • If the validity period of Visa Exemption has already expired, the holder must leave Indonesia by September 20th, 2020 or apply for a new Visit Visa or Temporary Stay Visa according to the requirements via htpps:// without leaving Indonesia;  

  • If the validity of the Visa on Arrival has expired, the holder may apply for an extension to obtain a 30 day stay period until the pandemic is declared over by Indonesian authority; 

  • If the validity of Visa on Arrival has expired and the extension is not granted by the Immigration and/or pursuant to the applicable regulations, the holder must leave Indonesia by September 20th 2020; 

3. Foreigners who already had The Telex visa since December 1st 2019 and currently in Indonesia may apply for the stay permit to the Local Immigration Office without the requirement to leave Indonesia and applying visa approval to Indonesian Embassy overseas. 



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