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Granting of Visa and Stay Permits Eased with New Regulation Number 34/2021

As Indonesia plans to start reopening borders to foreigners, the granting of visa and stay permits has been eased after a tightening during the Covid-19 Handling Period. The changes also apply to and affect foreign talent looking to enter Indonesia on short or long-term business visas and the companies looking to acquire this talent.

The Ministry of Law and Human Rights has issued Ministerial Regulation Number 34 Year 2021 concerning the Granting of Visa and Stay Permit during COVID-19 Handling Period on September 15th 2021, replacing the previous Ministerial Regulation of Law and Human Rights Number 27 Year 2021.

The summary of new Ministerial Regulation Number 34 Year 2021 is as follows:

1.    The holder of below valid visa or stay permit may enter Indonesia by following the applicable health protocol:

  • Official Visa;

  • Diplomatic Visa;

  • Visit Visa;

  • Limited Stay Visa;

  • Official Stay Permit;

  • Diplomatic Stay Permit;

  • Limited Stay Permit; and

  • Permanent Stay Permit.

2.    Beside the above 8 (eight) visa and stay permit holders, below classifications are also allowed to enter Indonesia:

  • Transportation crews who enters Indonesia using the transportation means;

  • The holder of APEC Card; and

  • Traditional border crosser.

3.    The granting of Visa on Arrival (VoA) and Free Visit Visa is stopped until COVID-19 pandemic is declared over. The provisions of Diplomatic Visa and Official Free Visa is stipulated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

4.    For those who are classified to enter Indonesia, must bring below documents as a mandatory requirement:

  • Vaccine certificate of complete dosage;* and

  • Negative result of RT-PCR COVID-19**.
    *exempted for foreigner below 12 years old
    **exempted for transportation crews who enters Indonesia using yacht

5.      The application of Visit Visa and Limited Stay Visa shall be submitted to online system pursuant to the applicable regulations by attaching:

  • Evidence of receiving a complete dosage of vaccination;

  • Statement letter of willing to comply all health protocol in Indonesia;

  • Evidence of health insurance ownership/travel insurance that covers medical billing, and/or statement letter of ability to independently pay the treatment if getting infected COVID-19 during their stay in Indonesia.

6.      Ministry of Law and Human Rights is entitled the right to prohibit and reject the entry of foreigner from a certain country with high number of COVID-19 cases. The authorized ministry or institution shall inform periodically every 14 (fourteen) days of countries with the high number of COVID-19 cases.

7.      The holder of Stay Permit who currently residing in Indonesia and have not returned to their origin countries may granted new Stay Permit after obtaining Visit Visa or Limited Stay Visa.

8.      After granting Visit Visa, the holder must report within 7 (seven) days to the Local Immigration Office to obtain a Stay Permit.


After a long period of tightened restrictions, as these travel restrictions are revoked, we expect there to be a renewed inflow in expatriate professionals and companies hiring them to take swift advantage of these changes.

For help in navigating these changes and for visa-processing support, contact us to learn more.