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Mastering the Permit Application Process for Foreign Employment in Indonesia

To employ foreign professionals in Indonesia companies must submit personal documentation in addition to specific business reports for both the initial application and the renewal of the work and stay permits. Having the correct documents in order significantly expedites the applications' processing time and significantly impacts the overall process.

A common misconception among employers causes them to prioritise the personal document aspect which can lead to a lengthy application process. So which specific company reports do employers need to provide? Moreover, do foreign employees working in Indonesia but who are on the overseas headquarters payroll need to provide personal reports to ensure the continuity of their stay in Indonesia?

In this webinar, our team of expert consultants will provide guidance to HR practitioners and employers who need to manage their foreign employment under various salary arrangements. It will cover:

  • Essential company reports and personal documents for both the initial application and renewal of work and stay permits

  • Preparing the required personal documents for expatriates working in Indonesia under various payroll arrangements, such as Indonesian-sourced income, foreign-sourced income, or and other sources of incomes.

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